LHS Episode #253: JS8CALL Deep Dive

Hello and welcome to this episode of Linux in the Ham Shack! In our deep dive this time around, we take an in-depth look at the new weak-signal chat mode called JS8CALL, formerly FT8CALL. We explore the history and development of the mode, how it's currently being used, the team behind the project, the operation of the software and much more. Thank you for tuning in and thank you for supporting our program.

73 de The LHS Crew

One comment on “LHS Episode #253: JS8CALL Deep Dive”

  • Great episode on JS8CALL. As for JS8CALL being slow, it’s about the same speed as a slow CW QSO. With the judicious use abbreviations and Q signals, two ops can conduct a decent QSO.

    As for JS8CALL taking over the way FT8 has, I’m afraid that I’m not so positive about that. I think one of the attractions of FT8 is that you don’t have to actually talk to anyone. That’s kind of crazy to me, but that’s the way things are going.

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