LHS Episode #272: The Weekender XXIV

Good grief! It's the latest edition of the Weekender! In this episode, the hosts put together a list of amateur radio contests and special events, upcoming open source conferences and a hefty does of hedonism that blends together and goes down like a luxurious sippin' whiskey. Thank you for tuning in and we hope you have an amazing upcoming fortnight.

73 de The LHS Crew

One comment on “LHS Episode #272: The Weekender XXIV”

  • Norman Heyen says:

    Hey guys,
    A question for you. I am a long time Windows user. It has paid for my lifestyle and supported my family for many years. So not a Linux user but I know enough of the basics to handle simple tasks.
    One of the questions about Linux is why the hell are there so many variations of Linux. And why are none of them compatible with each other. It reminds me of a bunch of kids that can’t get along with each other and have all taken their ball and left the playground.
    So, what distribution would be recommended for someone that wants to start with Linux? Needs to be fairly mainstream and well supported. I am not a programmer and have no reason to hunt down obscure library and build the application. I want to be a user, not a developer.
    BTW, your website needs a ‘contact us’ page. Trying to find your Twitter handle but not finding one. And needing to go to the show notes page to leave a message is a bit unusual.
    Thanks for listening to my rants.

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