LHS Episode #445: Year-End Round Table 2021

Hello and welcome to Episode 445 of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this final episode of 2021, we invite listeners to join us via Discord for a discussion of amateur radio, technology, open source software and hardware and the year in review. We even depart briefly into hedonism as well. We hope you enjoy this community-driven content, have a safe and happy holiday season and join us again when we re-start the show on January 6, 2022.

73 de The LHS Crew

One comment on “LHS Episode #445: Year-End Round Table 2021”

  • I thought it was very nostalgic hearing how you all were introduced to Linux/Unix. I was introduced to Linux because we (our team) were given an HP-9000 K-class server running HP/UX, that we had to setup and use as a backup web/database/LDAP server. This was November 1998, and I’ve been using Linux and Unix since then.

    When I started working for my current company, we used Sun kit running Solaris, so I became a big Solaris user. We’ve since migrated from Sun and Solaris to Linux, and I’ve been very happy with that.

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