Show Notes #522: Fedora 39 Deep Dive

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Segment 1 (Deep Dive)

  • Fedora 39 Deep Dive

Segment 2 (Announcements & Feedback)

  • Minecraft Server Updates
    • Running game version 1.20.2 now, please update your clients. PrismLauncher has updated to version 8, so update that as well if you're using Prism to launch your client
  • LHS Merchandise
    • It's that time of year! Look out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday coupons at both shops.
    • Sources
  • Weekender Topics and Nets
    • We have received some topic suggestions but can always use more. Thanks! Looking to start up two nets and perhaps a LHSOTA event. Thoughts?

Segment 3 (New Subscribers, New Supporters & Live Participants)

  • Facebook
    • Shawn Smith
    • Joel Brower
    • Raymond Penn
  • YouTube
    • Ray Anderson
    • Brian Eavey
  • Discord
    • Ronny_K4RJJ
    • W9ZEB - Lars
    • Bob [KN4B]
    • Folkert (HAM: PD9FVH)
    • CHV7238
    • joelBrower
  • Mastodon
    • @ground024
  • Live Chat
    • Joel, KC0YEW
    • Darren, VK6EK
    • Ted, WA0EIR
    • Gene, BX8AAD
    • Don, KB2YSI

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