Show Notes #079


  • An absolutely FABulous episode, in which we interview Fab Scherschel from the Linux Outlaws podcast. Fab's de-facto father-in-law is DC5JM!


  • Ronny, K4RJJ, attended the KARC Hamfest over the weekend as the LHS Ambassador. Details, photos and video will be on the web site very soon. Thanks, again, Ronny!
  • Roy, KK4ATD, will be our ambassador at the RARSfest in Raleigh, NC on April 7th. Thanks, Roy!
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  • Russ and Richard interview Fabian "Fab" Scherschel, co-host of the Linux Outlaws podcast.
  • Fab transitioned from Windows to Ubuntu in 2007. The biggest issue was games, but he bought a PlayStation 3 to satisfy that requirement. Minecraft runs well on Linux.
  • Fab's primary motivation for Linux Outlaws was to practice his English.
  • Our hosts then discuss Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Canonical and Debian.
  • We then talk about software patents from a UK and German perspective.
  • Fab is switching his servers from CentOS to Debian, primarily because there is no upgrade from one major release of CentOS to another. He also likes to try different distributions so as to maintain impartiality.
  • Fab asks how Linux in the Ham Shack began.
  • You can contact Fab via Google Plus.


  • LinuxCanuck asks for help accessing links and RSS feeds from the website. Everything seems to be working on this end.
  • Phil, AK4RQ, recommends the book 'The C Programming Language' by Kernighan and Ritchie, originally published by Prentice Hall in 1978. Thanks, Phil.

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  • "Vertigo" by Obsidian Shell from their album Evershade, courtesy of Jamendo.
  • "Faces Nameless" by Reform the Resistance from their album And It Begins... courtesy of Jamendo.

LHS Episode #079: Absolutely FABulous

Welcome everyone to a very special episode of Linux in the Ham Shack. This week we had the immense pleasure of talking with Fabian "Fab" Scherschel of the Linux Outlaws podcast fame. We tried not to let our man crushes get in the way of the podcast and I think we succeeded for the most part. Fab is a very gracious guest and we had a fantastic time recording the show. When my (K5TUX) Audacity crashed, it was also Fab who came to the rescue and resurrected the show with his backup audio recording. So for lots of reasons, we are indebted to him. We do have to warn you though, our discussion ranges from Debian to software patent issues to pollution in northern New Jersey. It's a fun journey, but it's not exactly via the shortest path. Thanks again, Fab. It was a blast.

73 de The LHS Guys