LHS Show Notes #028


  • Russ recommends the movie Carnival of Souls.
  • Wish Russ a Happy Birthday on December 5th!
  • Jos invites everyone to attend Camp KDE 2010 in San Diego, CA on January 15-22, 2010.


  • Donations from Paul KC9QYB, Joel, and Walter. Thank you! (And congratulations to Paul on getting his Technicians license!)
  • A Google alert says the LHS website showed up in linuxzine.com, probably because of our sponsorship of Linux Mint.
  • You can leave feedback via our toll-free telephone line at 888-455-0305.

Links and Notes:

  • Richard talks about using an old Dell Latitude laptop for mobile operations. After many trials and tribulations and resetting the BIOS, he managed to install Xubuntu, and has D-RATS installed.
  • Russ installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a machine. He tried 64-bit Linux Mint 7, but it failed.
  • Richard wanted to run DSL or Puppy on the Latitude. DSL booted, but he couldn't get the network card to work.
  • From the chatroom, N3JIM asks what virtualization software Russ is using. Currently, VMWare Server 2.02, but it doesn't play nice with newer kernels. So, Russ is planning on moving to Sun's VirtualBox.
  • Matt points out that Ubuntu will remove Gimp from the default installation beginning with Ubuntu 10.04.
  • Short Wave Listening, a topic suggested to Russ at Ohio Linux Fest.
  • Receivers: Ten-Tec RX-320D, a PC-controlled, shortwave receiver. Ten-Tec supplies Windows software, but there is a Linux program, too.
  • An article describing the receiver and it's application.
  • Other radios are available from Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, and C. Crane.
  • Russ talks about the Radio Shack DX-440 shortwave receiver he used (aka Sangean 803A).
  • Digital Radio Mondiale
  • Time Synchronization Stations - you can syncrhonize your PC clock to a national standard: WWV, CHU.
  • Software: MultiMode 5.9.2 (for Mac OSX), fldigi, Radio Explorer.
  • Things to hear: Numbers stations, Letter stations.
  • Antennas: very similar to what you would need for a transceiver. Random wires and tuned dipoles, will work, too. Look for a receiver that has an external antenna jack.
  • Where to listen: Amateur radio bands, international broadcast bands.
  • QSO Radio Show can be heard Tuesdays from 05:00PM to 07:00PM ET, 2100 to 2300 UTC at 7415KHz (WBCQ radio).
  • Coast to Coast AM
  • Check Amazon for antennas, receivers, and SWL-related books. (Remember to use our Amazon link for your purchases.)
  • Passport to World Band Radio (Also available at Amazon).
  • KO4RB asks if we've had any specific experience with an active antenna for shortwave listening.