LHS Show Notes #035


  • Steve posted a message at the Resonant Frequency forums and asked about the early episodes not being available on iTunes. That was a "feature", but Richard "fixed" it. Going forward, once we hit 50 episodes, older ones will drop off the feed to iTunes, so you'll need to go to the web site to get them.
  • Chris, ZL2CCO, posted a link to the LHS site on his blog. Thanks, Chris!
  • Via snail mail we received a donation and feedback from Tom, NC0O. He's been enjoying the podcast and sent a donation to support the Dayton expedition. Thanks, Tom!
  • Walter, KV6M, writes to clear up a mistake from Episode 31. We incorrectly attributed the penultimate donation to the Dayton fund to Walter, WN3LIF, but it was, in fact, from Walter, KV6M. Sorry, Walter, we've corrected the show notes, and thank you for the donation, and correction. We're sorry for the confusion.
  • Doug, N6LMX, sends his greetings and wonders what happened to a message he sent some time ago and was never mentioned, so he sent it again. (Richard had been holding it for the other show.) Doug wonders which Linux distribution Richard chose for his old Dell Latitude laptop. Richard chose Crunchbang Linux Lite. Also mentioned, the Midori browser.
  • Larry, W0AY, writes to express his appreciation for Episode 31. He would like to see Richard get a mute switch for his microphone. Thanks, Larry, and we're currently soliciting donations for a noise gate for Richard.
  • LHS got a mention in an anonymous comment in the Linux Journal forums.
  • Chris, K3DC, mentions LHS in a presentation he prepared, perhaps for a club meeting.
  • Another LHS mention in an IRC log posted to pastebin.
  • Jim, N2ENN, writes to offer some information about microphones in response to Bill's microphone rant in Episode 31, and discusses Linux drivers. Thanks for the information, Jim. We'll talk more about this in a later episode.
  • Glynne, KD5VQD, offers his wallet-sized reference card for the phonetic alphabet. Thanks, Glynne. Russ will post it in the Articles section of the Linux in the Ham Shack web site.
  • Klaatu mentions in his blog that he enjoyed the song "Flash in a Bottle" by Dead Heart Bloom in Episode 30.
  • Others have commented that they enjoyed the song "Don't Go" by Tenpenny Joke that was featured in Episode 31.


  • Southeast Linuxfest v2.0 is set for June 12-13 at the Marriott at Renaissance Park hotel in Spartanburg, SC! Russ is planning on being there, as is Klaatu.
  • Texas Linux Fest will be Saturday, April 10, 2010 at the Monarch Events Center, Austin, Texas
  • Logo Contest: The Linux in the Ham Shack logo needs an update, and we'd like a new logo before the 2010 Dayton Hamvention. Please submit your original logo, preferably in .tiff or .svg format, or in a very large .jpg, to Russ and/or Richard. Deadline is March 31, 2010. If selected, you will win $100!
  • Program Intro Contest: Record your Linux in the Ham Shack introduction and send it along. Record it on your computer and send the sound file, or call 888-455-0305, or 417-429-4069, and record your intro via the phone. All entries will eventually be used, but one winner will be chosen at random and will receive $25. Recordings made via the phone numbers will have two chances to win.
  • Send your submissions for either contest to Russ k5tux@blacksparrowmedia.com or Richard kb5jbv@blacksparrowmedia.com.
  • We've been having problems with our hosting service. It's likely that the Black Sparrow Media sites will be moving sometime in the next few months. Check the web site for details as they develop.
  • Look for Linux in the Ham Shack at the 2010 Dayton Hamvention. We'll be in the North Hall, booth #265 (NH0265).
  • Our new donation goal is to raise sufficient money to purchase a noise gate for Richard. Every little bit helps, so please click on the Donate link and send along a dollar or two.

Links and Notes:


  • "Bessie's Secret" by Heifervescent from the album "Murder in the Garden."
  • "Breathing on Another Planet" by No, Really from the album "Rust."