LHS Episode #021: OSCON 2009 Update 2

osconHere is the second and final installment of the special OSCON update for Linux in the HAM Shack. In this episode I examine the second half of my trip to San Jose, California, and the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. I talk about sessions I attended dealing with subjects as diverse as patents and legal issues, processor speed, cloud computing, users as Open Source advocates and, yes, evening programming in Klingon. I also take a trip through The Tech Museum of Innovation, an institution run entirely using Open Source. So sit back and enjoy this special report from OSCON and as always, thanks for being a loyal listener to the program.

Don't forget to leave us voice feedback or questions. We'd love to put you on the air. And we know how ham radio operators often have the gift for gab. So let it out. Don't be shy. Linux in the HAM shack wants YOU.

73 de Russ, K5TUX

2 comments on “LHS Episode #021: OSCON 2009 Update 2

  • Great episode folks!!!

    I had a question for you guys…. Which packet program do you use for linux? I’ve been trying to become compatible with the local ARES program, and I believe they use a windows terminal to send packet through winpack or other compatible software, but I’m not sure what to use in linux. I understad it uses AX.25 format (I think), even though there is some AX.25 program in the Ubuntu repository, I don’t know how to get it to work. I use fldigi with a home build VOX interface from my sound card to radio that has been working great with my ol’ ADI 2 meter base rig, not needing a NC. Any advice on the subject?? I look forward to each podcast and learned about linux from you guys, and now only have one out 5 computers at home with windows on it for the kids to play their games on. thanks again for all of your effort and contribution to this awesome hobby!!



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