LHS Episode #058: Nothing But Edits

I have to say this was probably the hardest episode to put together so far. I managed to not record the first 20 minutes of my side of the episode. Then there were bits from Episode #057 that needed to be put in. I recorded secondary items that didn't match up with the original first take. And somehow I think I managed to get it all put together and make it make sense.

Hopefully we will see everyone at Indiana Linux Fest this weekend in Indianapolis. If you can't make it, be with us in spirit. Thank you to our listeners for all your support. Please continue to help us get to Dayton if you can, and remember to tell a few of your friends about us.

73 de The LHS Guys

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  • @OZ1AKN

    If you have a machine with Linux and only Linux on it and you want to add Windows for dual booting you don’t absolutely HAVE to remove Linux and start over. Assuming that the Linux partition(s) is/are not completely filled you can shrink them using GParted. Then you can create a Windows partition in the space that frees up and install Windows.

    If that doesn’t work another option I have used is Partition Magic but that is a non-free commercial program which has been discontinued. If you can get ahold of an old copy of it that might work. I’m not sure if it can handle SATA drives or newer Linux partition types or not since it’s been gone a while.

    In any case if you try resizing your Linux partition I would definitely recommend anything on the Linux partition which is worth backing up be backed up first.

    My favorite option though is just to grab an old hard drive nobody is using anymore, install it and install Windows on that.

    Of course all of this is only worthwhile if you have something in the Linux install worth saving like if you spent a bunch of time or effort configuring it already or if something important is saved there. If it’s just a quick generic install you could redo easily it would be best to just start from scratch and install Windows first then Linux.

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