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Show Notes #098


A Futile Exercise in Focus, or perhaps a feudal exercise. Stay tuned and find out.


Listen to us live Tuesday evenings (in the USA), or subscribe and receive access to the unedited recording and other things. Visit the website for details. We’re in dangerous proximity to episode 100, so send in comments, suggestions, […]

LHS Show Notes #058


Indiana LinuxFest promo, March 25-27, 2011.


Jerry Taylor, KD0BIK, has announced that he will be recording new episodes of The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast. Welcome back, Jerry! The Mid-America GNU/Linux Networkers Conference (MAGNet Con) has been postponed until Spring of 2012. Check out the Resonant Frequency podcast. Linux in the Ham Shack will […]

LHS Episode #058: Nothing But Edits

I have to say this was probably the hardest episode to put together so far. I managed to not record the first 20 minutes of my side of the episode. Then there were bits from Episode #057 that needed to be put in. I recorded secondary items that didn’t match up with the original first […]