LHS Show Notes #042


  • This will be an all-feedback episode, ala the Going Linux show.
  • Warren, N0XLT, wrote to Russ back in May. He's catching up on the podcasts, and wonders what programs are available for Linux with similar features to Ham Radio Deluxe or DX Labs,, such as rig control, logging, digital modes, etc. Fldigi, xdx, xlog, gpredict, Hamlib and more have been mentioned on previous episodes. Our hosts discuss.
  • Google alert: LHS was mentioned at K7JM's web site. Thanks, John.
  • Google alert: LinuxPR press release for Southeast LinuxFest, and Russ was a presenter.
  • Bob, no call, enjoys the podcast. He wonders why the Ogg version of the podcast doesn't play on VLC under Windows. Russ has tested the Ogg files with VLC on Windows 7, Mac OS-X and Linux. Maybe a newer version of VLC will help. Let us know what you discover, Bob.
  • Danny, KJ4UHI, is a new linux user and uses Orca as a screen reader for the visually impaired. A future episode will cover Linux accessibility tools for the handicapped. Any listeners with experience with Orca or other accessibility software, contact us!
  • Jonathan, no call, recently listened to Episode 38. He is a daily Orca user, and offers his assistance. Thanks, Jonathan.
  • John, KF6EFG, wrote asking for a small section of the show that covers changes to the licensing and privileges regulations over the years, and trends in the hobby. He also notes that the web site has been slow. (The ARRL has a nice band plan map on their site.)
  • Doug, KB3TOA, met Russ at the Dayton Hamvention, and is catching up on old episodes. He's trying to follow the show on Twitter. Follow the podcast on Twitter with the user name "lhspodcast". Doug also sent a donation. Thanks, Doug! Listen to a future episode for the results of the drawing.
  • Danny asks how he might hear the unedited podcast. Click on the LHS Up All Night link under the Streaming Audio heading on the right side of the page. You'll need an application that will play an Ogg stream, like Totem or VLC, etc. Or join us on UStream for the live show.
  • Danny also asks if Richard is kidding about wearing a kilt, and if not, is it from Utilikilts?
  • The Northwest Tasmania ATV Group has been running episodes of LHS on Tuesday evenings. Thanks, guys! They operate on a linked repeater system and IRLP nodes 6616 and 6124.
  • Lynn, K5AVJ, asks what people use for calendaring. Paper? Phone app? Web app? Program? Smart phone? Mozilla Sunbird, Apple iCal, Mozilla Lightning, Google Calendar, and Scalix are some possibilities.
  • Listeners William and Frasier made donations to the show. Thanks!
  • Larry Bushey of the Going Linux podcast commented on the web site that he listens to the podcast and loves us, too.
  • Don, WS4E, writes that he's been a long-time listener to LHS and Resonant Frequency. He's tried many ham radio applications under Linux. What are the current favorite programs for rig control, logging, digital modes, award tracking, etc. That will likely be an entire episode. (And see the links earlier in this show notes page.)
  • "xPureEvilx" in the chat room asks what is the best Linux distribution for an older, slower machine? Richard recommends Crunchbang Linux Lite. He uses it on his 133MHz Dell Latitude with 128MB of memory. There are others, like Damn Small Linux and Puppy Linux. Check out Ted's site, https://wa0eir.ham.org, and look at his applications, too.

Contact Info:

  • Contact Richard at kb5jbv@gmail.com, Russ at k5tux@lhspodcast.info, or both at the same time at info@lhspodcast.info.
  • Leave us a voice mail at 1-888-455-0305  or 1-417-200-4811. Note the new number!


LHS Show Notes #022


  • Email exchange with Herve, of Shackbox Linux.  If you found it useful, please consider donating something to the project.
  • Voice comment from Rodney (aka R0dzilla) KJ4OHH: he asks for more information on Echolink and Echolinux. Our hosts respond with CQiNet and QTel.
  • Rod, KJ4OHH, postsin the forum:  If you install a 32-bit program under 64-bit Linux Mint 7, then install a 32-bit application, getlibs may not find the 32-bit libraries, so you have to get them from the Ubuntu repository:
    $sudo getlibs --distro Ubuntu --release jaunty nameof32bitprogram

    And congratulations to Rodney on getting his license!

  • VK5HZ in IRC says Echolink does work in Wine, at least for him.
  • Joe, NE3R, runs packet and uses an old TNC with firmware from the 1980s.  He runs XASTIR with an MFJ TNC and minicom.
  • Ken, WA3FKG, posts in the forum:  Acer says if you replace windows with Linux on one of their machines, you've voided the warranty.
  • Tony Malloy re-Tweeted on identi.ca when Episode 019a came out.  Thanks, Tony.
  • Damon, NN7B, asks "Which packet program do you use for Linux?"  It's probably easier to use a TNC in KISS mode, rather than trying to do software packet.
  • David, KF5BCM, wants a noise gate on Richard. 🙂 He says hears Richard breathing loudly on Episode 15.  (Make a donation and maybe that will help fund the equipment.)
  • turtles7, in the forums, suggested a topic for a future show: mobile installation hints. He recently installed a mobile in a minivan, and still has high SWR.


  • Interview with Beth Lynn Eicher of the Ohio Linux Fest.
  • Beth Lynn talks about the training opportunities at OLF, exhibitors, and the history of OLF.

From the chat room:

  • Why don't we do shows on Linux basics? We did. Check out the older episodes. If there's something we haven't covered, let us know.
  • What is a "Crank"? See Linux Cranks.  (ogg format, explicit)
  • How to play .ogg files in iTunes.
  • KJ4OHH just bought a 8GB Sansa Fuze for $39. Refurbished Sansa Clips are often available at buy.com and newegg.com for good prices, too. They play OGG files natively.
  • Check out Shackbox Linux, too.


  • "Out of It" by Brad Sucks from the album "Out of It".
  • "Fallen from Grace" by Shawn Harris from the album "Temptation".