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LHS Show Notes #033

A round table discussion with Russ, Ted, Andy and Bill about e-readers, DRM, Linux Mint, digital modes, satellite operation and cloud computing services. […]

LHS Show Notes #022

Lots of feedback, and an interview with Beth Lynn Eicher of the Ohio Linux Fest. […]

LHS Show Notes #016


KI6FEN – Likes keeping older equipment alive with Linux Rob VE3FRJ – Rob had a little trouble finding his apps after an install Jeff KB5WCK – Left a comment thanking us for mentioning his website and Russ mantioned 73’s.org. Then Richard turned it into a real commercial for everybody’s websites Gene K8EE – Thinks […]

LHS Show Notes #014


Tim KI6BGE tells us he is finally up and running with Ubuntu on his laptop Jerry KD0BIK thanks us for mentioning Practical Amateur Radio Podcast Blog post from Tim VK5FNET at the Homebrew Blog Talking about Linux in the Ham Shack and Solder Smoke XE1GXGÂ in Jalisco Mexico tells us by way of 73’s.org […]