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LHS Show Notes #017


Don WS4E sent us a pointed email. He uses SuperOS and was even able to get his programming software for his talkies. Likes SatScape for satellites in Linux. Bob K4BB says that you can use MONO for running HRD on Linux. behind on the podcast. And Likes Unetbootin Really likes […]

LHS Show Notes #015


Pat on Twitter said “Yes VK’s can have 2×4 call signs” and Russ explains Joe NE3R likes Xastir for APRS. Joe is a Windows free Microsoft consultant Some Windows bashing ensued Bill KA9WKA Just found the program and is really enjoying it. Got Xastir running on his EEE PC. and tells us about www.pendrivelinux.com […]

LHS Show Notes #013


KE7BAF about WUBI. Checkout WUBI at www.wubi-installer.org Timis Via Twitter told us we are #1 Tom the Trucker left a wonderful review over at Itunes for us N8XJA Tony found us through Itunes and is re-inspired by the show to pursue his Linux Dream Rochester NY Amateur Radio Association added us to their website […]

LHS Episode #006

After putting this off some because of the holidays and other obligations, Episode #006 is now hot off the press. This is the second in our two-part series on PSK31. In the first part, we looked at sound cards, rig control interfaces and the basics of getting a PSK31 software package installed on your Linux […]