Show Notes #087


  • Promo: Ohio LinuxFest 2012 will be held September 28-30, 2012, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio.
  • LHS community sends their good wishes to the victims and their families in Aurora, CO.
  • Our hosts recommend Etherpad for collaborative document editing.


  • Ham Holiday Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, July 27-28, 2012, Biltmore Hotel.
  • Texas Linux Fest, San Antonio, Texas, August 3-4, 2012, Norris Conference Center.
  • Texoma Hamarama Ardmore, Oklahoma, October 26-27, 2012, Exit 33 - I-35: Ardmore Convention Center.
  • Watch the Events Schedule on the LHS website for more events!
  • Click the Amabassadors link on the website and volunteer to be an LHS Amabassador at a Linux or ham-related event.
  • 20th annual Gainesville Hamfest Gainesville, Texas, Saturday, August 25, 2012, Civic Center.
  • Joplin Hamfest, Joplin, Missouri, August 24-25, 2012, Holiday Inn Convention Center. Look for Russ and Cheryl!
  • Russ is anxiously waiting for delivery of two (okay, three) Raspberry Pi computers. Call the LHS voice line 909-547-7469, or send an email to, and tell Russ what to do with his Rasperry Pis. Wait, that doesn't sound quite right, but you get the drift.


  • Bruce, VE2GZI, writes to express his appreciation for the episode about GNU-Radio (Episode 84). It inspired him to try getting it to work under Linux Mint 11, but it's been a struggle, and he asks for help. Russ managed to compile it on Linux Mint Debian Edition. Jlindsay in the chat room said he ignored the build script, and just did a cmake and make. Also make sure you have the proper version of portaudio installed. Bruce also tells us he's waiting for his Hong Kong Dongle. 'nuff said.
  • Scott, N9LJX, says he's always had trouble with rig control, via Hamlib, and his FT-900, and wonders if that's been improved. He's happy to hear that yfktest works with Winkey USB. Russ looked at the Hamlib website about Yaesu radios, and saw the status listed as ".1 untested", which indicates poor, if any, support for that radio. Richard suggests avoiding the USB or USB-to-serial adapter. Instead, buy an inexpensive serial port card for the computer and connect the radio to a real serial port.
  • Someone in the chat room asked about a good personal cloud storage solution. Russ likes ownCloud. and has described it in episode 9 of his QSK Netcast.
  • Jeremy, KB7QOA, sends a long email thanking us for the show, discussing his gradual move toward Linux, and wonders if he could have a version of the podcast without the music. Well, Jeremy, if you're willing to subscribe to the show, you'll soon have the option of a music-free feed.
  • Grant, AA9LC, has embarked on a project to establish a Linux computer in his hamshack. He met Russ at the recent Dayton Hamvention, and has been trying to boot the LHS disc he received there, but it wants a username and password. He's also tried Linux Mint 11 and is "mostly impressed." As the disc contains nothing more than Linux Mint Debian Edition, Russ suggests the username may be one of "root", "mint", or "linuxmint", and no password. However, it should boot directly into a "live" mode desktop without ever asking for a username or password. If that doesn't help, Grant, let us know and provide a few more details about when you're asked for the username and password. Russ and Richard also provide some hints about managing sound card audio.
  • Look for Russ on Episode 124 of the Mintcast.

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  • Contact Richard at, Russ at, or both at the same time at
  • Listen to the live stream every other Tuesday at 8:00pm Central time. Check the LHS web site for dates.
  • Leave us a voice mail at 1-909-LHS-SHOW (1-909-547-7469), or record an introduction to the podcast.
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  • LHS merchandise is available at the Merch link on Web site. Check out the Badgerwear or buy one of the other LHS-branded items at or Cafe Press. Thanks!
  • Thanks to Dave from Gamma Leonis for the theme music.


LHS Episode #087: King Jeremy the Wicked

Hello, listeners! Welcome to the 87th installment of Linux in the Ham Shack. The past couple of episodes have been full of interviews, logic, and information. In short, we've totally jumped off our normal bandwagon. In order to fix that, we've put together an episode that contains a lot of banter, insight, musing, laughing, music and good times. Somewhere in the middle you'll find information on Linux, Open Source software, ham radio logging applications, answers to listener feedback, compile instructions for source builds and mention of a secret recording where Russ takes over another podcast and rules the world. Make sure to listen from beginning to end. You're not going to want to miss a single second.

73 de The LHS Guys

LHS Show Notes #017


  • Don WS4E sent us a pointed email. He uses SuperOS and was even able to get his programming software for his talkies. Likes SatScape for satellites in Linux.
  • Bob K4BB says that you can use MONO for running HRD on Linux. behind on the podcast. And Likes Unetbootin Really likes the quality of the show. Feels the websites need help. Bob had four or five pieces of feedback this time. Thinks the music is a waste.
  • BTW Colin and Martin at ICQ Podcast are our friends 🙂
  • Captain Spauldings Blog, He uses Ubuntu and likes the podcast. (Hooray for Captain Spaulding the African explorer)
  • Donation Mark K. Thanks Mark
  • Richard says “Join the fun and be a guest co-host”
  • The Techie Geek gave us a mention. Thanks for the tip on the Sansa Clip Russ
  • We have appeared again in a comment over at Solder Smoke. Keep spreading the word.
  • Thanks to the guys at TiTradio podcast for the mention
  • Hello to Azimuth, Wayne KB7CFD, Don't fear the badger.
  • Kent VE4KEH sent us a message about forwarding X11 over SSH using xming


  • We now have voice mail. Leave us a message and we will get it on the show +1-888-455-0305

Links and Notes:

  • Russ talks about Java for a while:
  • Its cross platform
  • A little clunkie
  • Side track to Adobe Air
  • Cool stuff available
  • BTW there is a version of Adobe Air for Linux
  • Now that we have our Java, We need a doughnut 😛

  • Drats extravaganza:
  • Terminal for D-Star low speed data on Talkies and Mobile Rigs
  • Dan KK7DS
  • It is cross Platform
  • Written in Python and GTK
  • Not only the terminal but a repeater too
  • Windows installer
  • on Linux you also need a few libraries
  • Easy to use if you have ever used terminal software
  • If you haven't used terminal software before, Still easy to set up to run
  • Auto QST's, Preformatted forms, Weather info, APRS, even internet email.
  • Heard List, APRS data
  • Session activity log
  • Ratflector access for testing

  • The Drats Repeater Proxy:
  • Very simple
  • Setup you own repeater at your house
  • Can be setup for over the air or network operation
  • Don't have to setup the ports for your local network while testing
  • Auto id of repeater
  • Monitor screen shows connected computers and radios
  • Sometimes Simplicity is best
  • Web page has How-to's, Wiki, Info and mailing list for information about Drats
  • Ratflector on ports 9000 and 9001 for testing over at the Drats website
  • Russ says it works on MAC
  • Check out the website at
  • Richard Hopes that Drats becomes the standard for D-Star low speed digital