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LHS Show Notes #016


  • KI6FEN – Likes keeping older equipment alive with Linux
  • Rob VE3FRJ – Rob had a little trouble finding his apps after an install
  • Jeff KB5WCK – Left a comment thanking us for mentioning his website and Russ mantioned 73's.org. Then Richard turned it into a real commercial for everybody's websites
  • Gene K8EE – Thinks Linux is in practical, He listens to the podcast but can't figure out why we use Linux and everybody knows we are just Microsoft haters. Russ and Richard respond in kind with extreme prejudice and packet for flavor.


  • Paul M0TZO and Pete M3PHP want everybody to check out http://hamtest.net we want to take it Viral. Put hamtest.net on your blogs, websites, talk about them in the forums you visit. Talk about them in IRC and you other podcasters talk about them on your shows. Spread the word.

Links and Notes:

  • This time we talk about stuff that just works after a Linux install since one of the emails intimates that everything works in Windows and nothing works in Linux.
  • Web Browsers: Firefox, Iceweasel, Epiphany, Opera, etc. (NO IE)
  • Mail Clients: Evolution, Thunderbird, Icedove, Claws, etc.
  • Word Processing: OpenOffice.org, gedit, abiword, etc.
  • Media Players: Rhythmbox, Banshee, Amarok, Totem, mplayer, xine, etc.
  • CD Burners: Brasero, Gnomebaker, K3B, etc.
  • After trying to sort out chickens and eggs and carts we agreed that talking about stuff that works and from now on we will go back to fixin' problems.
  • We wrapped up by answering some questions for the live audience in the chat room. Check the show schedule at http://lhsinfo.org for the next live recording


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