4 comments on “LHS Episode #039: Best. Episode. Ever.

  • Tom Bott says:

    First time listener to this podcast.
    Am 18mins in and all you seem to be talking about is selling stuff and plugging events. Not really very engaging for first time listener.

    • Thanks for your comment. If you’re just jumping in at Episode #037, we are in a transitional period. We’ve been moving our feed around, updating our web site, putting out first-time promotional items, etc. We knew this wasn’t the best of our efforts which is why the episode is titled (ironically) Best. Episode. Ever. In the future, we will try and keep self promotion to a minimum or move it around the podcast so it’s more palatable to early adopters. Hope you keep listening and commenting. We really do appreciate it.

  • albert says:

    Can you let the administrator of thelinuxlink.net know of your new URL’s and feeds. Thanks!

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