LHS Show Notes #039



  • We received donations from Peter, Walter and Maddie (daughter of Bill, KA9WKA).  Thank you!  Donations help defray the hosting expenses.
  • Jim, W9GNG, sent Richard a noise gate!  Thank you, Jim!
  • LHS merchandise is now available at https://www.printfection.com/lhs.  There are a variety of shirts, mugs and other items.  Every item purchased will help the podcast.  If you're interested in caps, wall clocks, or hoodies with the LHS logo, visit our store at https://www.cafepress.com/lhspodcast.  A portion of each sale goes to the podcast.  If you visit Dayton wearing or carrying an LHS item, you could win a prize!


  • Resonant Frequency is still on hiatus as Richard is still in the process of moving the site to a new host.  Watch the LHS web page for more information as it develops.
  • Ubuntu 10.04 will be released on April 30.  Russ has the second beta test version running and discusses the new theme and other changes.  It boots much faster, but once running, it seems slower than the previous release, at least on his hardware.
  • Pete, VE2XPL, in the chat room asks which version of Linux would run best on his 500MHz Pentium II machine.  Richard recommends trying Crunchbang Linux Lite.  Russ agrees, and suggests that just about any distribution might work with one of the light-weight window managers, such as FVWM or XFCE.  Other possibilies are Damn Small Linux, or one of the netbook remix distributions.


  • Danny, KJ4UHI, writes and leaves an audio message about Frostbite Systems and passing his Technicians license test.  He asks where he might get recordings to study Morse code. Richard discusses various options.  There are some Linux applications, like cwcp.
  • Gary, KE2YK, also left an audio message. Visit his Random Oscillations blog, and his online store at https://www.ehamstore.com/.
  • Mark, KC4GIA, wonders about Linux support for syncing his Zune audio player.  Our hosts discuss this.  One possible source of information is the Zuneboards site.

Contact Info:

  • Contact Richard at kb5jbv@gmail.com, Russ at k5tux@lhspodcast.info, or both at the same time at info@lhspodcast.info.
  • Leave us a voice mail at 888-455-0305 or 417-429-4069, or record an introduction to the podcast and have a chance at winning $25.