LHS Show Notes #042


  • This will be an all-feedback episode, ala the Going Linux show.
  • Warren, N0XLT, wrote to Russ back in May. He's catching up on the podcasts, and wonders what programs are available for Linux with similar features to Ham Radio Deluxe or DX Labs,, such as rig control, logging, digital modes, etc. Fldigi, xdx, xlog, gpredict, Hamlib and more have been mentioned on previous episodes. Our hosts discuss.
  • Google alert: LHS was mentioned at K7JM's web site. Thanks, John.
  • Google alert: LinuxPR press release for Southeast LinuxFest, and Russ was a presenter.
  • Bob, no call, enjoys the podcast. He wonders why the Ogg version of the podcast doesn't play on VLC under Windows. Russ has tested the Ogg files with VLC on Windows 7, Mac OS-X and Linux. Maybe a newer version of VLC will help. Let us know what you discover, Bob.
  • Danny, KJ4UHI, is a new linux user and uses Orca as a screen reader for the visually impaired. A future episode will cover Linux accessibility tools for the handicapped. Any listeners with experience with Orca or other accessibility software, contact us!
  • Jonathan, no call, recently listened to Episode 38. He is a daily Orca user, and offers his assistance. Thanks, Jonathan.
  • John, KF6EFG, wrote asking for a small section of the show that covers changes to the licensing and privileges regulations over the years, and trends in the hobby. He also notes that the web site has been slow. (The ARRL has a nice band plan map on their site.)
  • Doug, KB3TOA, met Russ at the Dayton Hamvention, and is catching up on old episodes. He's trying to follow the show on Twitter. Follow the podcast on Twitter with the user name "lhspodcast". Doug also sent a donation. Thanks, Doug! Listen to a future episode for the results of the drawing.
  • Danny asks how he might hear the unedited podcast. Click on the LHS Up All Night link under the Streaming Audio heading on the right side of the page. You'll need an application that will play an Ogg stream, like Totem or VLC, etc. Or join us on UStream for the live show.
  • Danny also asks if Richard is kidding about wearing a kilt, and if not, is it from Utilikilts?
  • The Northwest Tasmania ATV Group has been running episodes of LHS on Tuesday evenings. Thanks, guys! They operate on a linked repeater system and IRLP nodes 6616 and 6124.
  • Lynn, K5AVJ, asks what people use for calendaring. Paper? Phone app? Web app? Program? Smart phone? Mozilla Sunbird, Apple iCal, Mozilla Lightning, Google Calendar, and Scalix are some possibilities.
  • Listeners William and Frasier made donations to the show. Thanks!
  • Larry Bushey of the Going Linux podcast commented on the web site that he listens to the podcast and loves us, too.
  • Don, WS4E, writes that he's been a long-time listener to LHS and Resonant Frequency. He's tried many ham radio applications under Linux. What are the current favorite programs for rig control, logging, digital modes, award tracking, etc. That will likely be an entire episode. (And see the links earlier in this show notes page.)
  • "xPureEvilx" in the chat room asks what is the best Linux distribution for an older, slower machine? Richard recommends Crunchbang Linux Lite. He uses it on his 133MHz Dell Latitude with 128MB of memory. There are others, like Damn Small Linux and Puppy Linux. Check out Ted's site, https://wa0eir.ham.org, and look at his applications, too.

Contact Info:

  • Contact Richard at kb5jbv@gmail.com, Russ at k5tux@lhspodcast.info, or both at the same time at info@lhspodcast.info.
  • Leave us a voice mail at 1-888-455-0305  or 1-417-200-4811. Note the new number!


LHS Episode #024: Darth Hideous

In this latest installment of Linux in the HAM Shack, we air the second half of our interview with Bill, KA9WKA, from Episode #022. While the first part of the interview focused on Linux Mint and EeePC netbooks, this part is mostly about amateur radio, answering questions from the chat room and generally having a good time. In fact, it's like a good old fashioned ragchew.

Not ones to leave out actual content and learning, we address questions from listener feedback, and Richard talks about using rig control software under WINE for Icom, Yaesu and Kenwood radios. And of course there are other topics thrown into the mix as well. Thank you to all of our listeners, old and new, for downloading this latest episode. Please tell all your friends about us and send us feedback, whether by e-mail, forum or voice mail. Hope to see everyone in Belton, TX on October 3rd or in Columbus, OH from September 25-27.

And may the force be with you.

LHS Show Notes #013


  • KE7BAF about WUBI. Checkout WUBI at www.wubi-installer.org
  • Timis Via Twitter told us we are #1
  • Tom the Trucker left a wonderful review over at Itunes for us
  • N8XJA Tony found us through Itunes and is re-inspired by the show to pursue his Linux Dream
  • Rochester NY Amateur Radio Association added us to their website as a valuable Resource. Check it out. https://rochesterhamfest.org/
  • Mentioning the Dane Alex OZ9AEC and his Amateur radio software for Linux some of those are Gpredict Sat Tracker https://gpredict.oz9aec.net and Grig https://groundstation.sourceforge.net/grig
  • A Comment from Petr OK2CQR. Developer of CQRlog which we highlighted on an earlier episode. CQRLog can be found at https://www.cqrlog.com/
  • Myron says The Live show is pretty neat. Don't forget the Live recording session every other week check out the main page for more details. www.lhsinfo.org
  • Bob WD4BOB Has added some info to his page about the show go check out his blog at https://wd4bob.com/wd4bob/home/home.html Thanks Bob
  • KC7DEZ Barry Wants to get on packet and we are researching ways to get that happening. If you are good with packet and Linux get in touch with us.
  • WA3FKG Ken Posted about us in his Blog https://www.wa3fkg.com/
  • Josh Looking looking for basic info on Ham radio.


Richard is a tester so this is the way he does it. If you are sure that rig control is going to run the way it supposed to then skip the Grig stuff.

  • Make sure you have hamlibham2 installed. Use Grig from the repositories to help make sure your rig control is working. Use “grig -h” at the command line for help.
  • Russ talks about creating a launcher for Grig in the menu.
  • Get you rig ID number by typing “grig - -list” for a list.
  • Make sure your rig is in VFO mode. Rig control will not work in memory mode. Once you have it working move on over to FLDIGI.
  • You can control a radio with libhamlib2, rig cat, mem map. We assume that you already have FLDigi installed and running. Go to the rig control tab. Under rig control go to the hamlib tab. Check the box that says “Use hamlib”. The next box says “use hamlib PTT” leave this unchecked. I did not try this you can experiment with it later. Find your Radio in the drop down list. Port will be the port your cat cable is on with the same settings you use in Grig. Initialize! There you go explore and have fun.



LHS Episode #009

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Linux in the HAM Shack, Episode #009. I am enjoying my time in sunny and warm Orlando, Florida as this episode is published. Richard and I would like to thank everyone for downloading and listening to the podcast. We've been getting encouraging pingbacks from other bloggers and amateurs and much good feedback as well. We'd like to encourage everyone who listens to the show to spread the word about us. The more amateur radio folks we can help with Linux and Open Source the happier we'll be.

In this episode, we start out with listener feedback, answering questions and responding to feedback that has come in since the last episode. We also give a shoutout to some guys, because we're some guys too. We then jump into a thorough examination and review of F0FAK's promising new amateur radio Linux distribution called Shackbox. And in the final segment, we talk about serial bus communication and USB-to-serial adapters for fun and profit--and rig control.

Please send us your comments, feedback, questions and remember to spread the word to everyone you know. We can't take over the world without your help. Show notes will follow soon. All hate mail should be directed to Richard.

73 de Russ, K5TUX