LHS Episode #159: Digital Mode Interfaces

slusbHello, dear listeners! Thank you for tuning into another episode of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this week's episode, your hosts discuss a variety of topics from 600-meter operation to Linux in cars to Star Wars. Our featured segment tonight is a look at PC-to-radio interfaces for digital mode communication. Thanks for tuning into, and hope to see you next time.

73 de The LHS Team

LHS Show Notes #043


  • Russ, Richard and Bill discuss the 2010 Dayton Hamvention.
  • Thanks to Rob of the Ohio Linux Fest who provided 100 copies of the Ubuntu Live CD to give away to anyone interested.
  • Some of the new equipment shown at Dayton:
  • Russ and Cheryl recorded some audio at Dayton.  Several fans of the show stopped by, including Bill KA9WKA, Rich KD0BJT and Brady KD0BJS from the Low SWR Podcast, and Matt KC8BEW.  An avid listener, G3ZTB from Leeds, England, chatted with us a few times, as well as several others from around the world.
  • Aluma Towers
  • DX Engineering
  • Luso Towers
  • Begali keys
  • Elecraft P3 Panadapter
  • LHS Dayton Raffle winners:
    • Linux in the Ham Shack caps: KC9OLI and W8PJW
    • Linux in the Ham Shack T-shirts: K9LNX and WD8E
    • Grand prize, an Alinco DJ-175T 2m HT: N4KMC


  • Hal left a voice mail after his visit to the booth at Dayton and asks about installing Ubuntu to a flash drive. Russ describes the process. Also see: Ubuntu Installatoin to USB Stick or from Windows, see UNetbootin.
  • Randall, KC4WZE, writes to Russ that appreciates that Richard now has a noise gate, but says it needs adjusting, because he can still hear Richard rant and rave. 🙂
  • LHS got a mention on Episode 57 of The Linux Basement. Thanks, Claudio! Claudio was our guest on Episode 39.
  • LHS was also mentioned in the Gear Diary blog post about SouthEast LinuxFest 2010.
  • Eldon, WA0UWH, mentions us on his blog.
  • Stephen Spector, a member of the Xen project team, mentions LHS in his blog at NetworkWorld.com.
  • Don, WS4E, comments on the web site: what happened to LHS episodes on ustream.tv? Not all get recorded over there.
  • Scott, AD7MI, mentions us on his blog entry about his visit to Dayton.
  • Randall, KC4WZE, also asks Richard about FSK on HF... what are the tones or the frequency shift of FSK? Richard discusses.
  • Randall asks Russ about the relative sizes of one distribution over another, in terms of disk space and memory. He can see there would be differences if all the drivers were statically linked, but believes they are now dynamically loaded. What makes one distro different from another? He then lists a bunch of services he'd like to have running. Russ responds.
  • Randall, again, writes about yanking Richard's badger.

Contact Info:

  • Contact Richard at kb5jbv@gmail.com, Russ at k5tux@lhspodcast.info, or both at the same time at info@lhspodcast.info.
  • Leave us a voice mail at 888-455-0305 or 417-200-4811, or record an introduction to the podcast.
  • Sign up for the LHS mailing list.
  • Thanks, too, to Dave from Gamma Leonis for the theme music and promo.
  • Bill is looking for a job as an IT manager in the NE Illinois area. Please send leads to billgrzanich@gmail.com. Thanks!
  • Next time, SouthEast LinuxFest, Field Day, and more.


LHS Episode #043: My Own Private Ohio

The Dayton Hamvention was a little while ago and we've just now been able to get around to talking about it. In this episode, we bring in Bill, KA9WKA, our right-hand man, to help us out with discussion of the event and a number of other topics as well.

Don't be alarmed, however. We keep the dated material to a minimum and move directly into things that are much more current and much more interesting, including questions about the "lightness" of distributions, how to install Ubuntu on a USB stick, a super geeky radio question and much more. Not only that, this may have been the most fun episode we've recorded so far. For those who want to brave the unedited version of this one, there are belly laughs aplenty. Check out the stream feed in the right column for that. Just remember, unedited means just what it says.

We haven't been pushing donations lately so here's a small tug on your subconscious: If you have a spare few dollars, please consider helping us with our hosting expenses so we can continue to bring you the show long into the future.

73 de The LHS Guys and Bill

LHS Episode #009

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Linux in the HAM Shack, Episode #009. I am enjoying my time in sunny and warm Orlando, Florida as this episode is published. Richard and I would like to thank everyone for downloading and listening to the podcast. We've been getting encouraging pingbacks from other bloggers and amateurs and much good feedback as well. We'd like to encourage everyone who listens to the show to spread the word about us. The more amateur radio folks we can help with Linux and Open Source the happier we'll be.

In this episode, we start out with listener feedback, answering questions and responding to feedback that has come in since the last episode. We also give a shoutout to some guys, because we're some guys too. We then jump into a thorough examination and review of F0FAK's promising new amateur radio Linux distribution called Shackbox. And in the final segment, we talk about serial bus communication and USB-to-serial adapters for fun and profit--and rig control.

Please send us your comments, feedback, questions and remember to spread the word to everyone you know. We can't take over the world without your help. Show notes will follow soon. All hate mail should be directed to Richard.

73 de Russ, K5TUX